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Friday, November 19, 2010

So you want to sarge but got the biggest hindrance in your face... yeah!!! the dreaded approach anxiety or AA.

Everyone has it, especially when your starting out. So I'll give you one of the X-Arts WolfPack secret to reduce or eliminate your AA and to have that momentum, the feeling of your in the zone, the feeling of your pump-up to game.

This method come from Hurricane, one of the wolfpack.

So here's the trick, and its quite simple, and sometimes I think that its not a real secret because its that simple.

Okay... okay... here's the trick:
1. Find a movie and a song that will make you pump up. Not just any movie, a movie about guys getting girls... I recommend actually not a movie but a series... the series is name THE PICKUP ARTIST by Mystery.

2. Now watch it, and I'm sure you will get that feeling... the feeling of pump up.

3. Now find a song, its going to be your theme song... so make it a good song.

4. After watching your pump-up movie or series; play your theme song, this will anchor your good feeling to the song. (anchor in layman's term is your connecting a certain emotion to something, so every time that something is triggered, you will get that emotion)

5. Now personally, what I do is, I will imagine I'm a WWE wrestler and every time I hear my theme song, I will act like one of the WWE superstars, this will even pump me up.

By doing this, every time I will feel AA, I will just listen to my theme song... or better watch my pump-up movie/series then listen to my theme song. This will put me to the GAME MODE!!!

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