Tuesday, October 19, 2010

woah!!! I'm back, yes I know I promise to update my blog, but things got complicated on my part. I'm ready "AGAIN" to share my experience and give you some tips that hopefully can help you out.

But first and foremost please add me up on FB, yes I've finally have an FB account

Now you finally add me up, hope to see you in the field soon!!!

Stay tuned, cuz I will not just divulge X-Arts Wolf Pack Exclusive here but other stuff that only the best seductionist knows, hehehe.

Next post, I will tell you how to increase your inner game every time you want to sarge or go out to meet women.


Chode: miss kita dude!!!
JohnnyBravo: kaw rin mhen.
Chode: bakit ka nga pala nawala???
JohnnyBravo: well, when you date alot... you know, DATE ALOT!!!
Chode: kakaingit ka, I want to be like you.
JohnnyBravo: Good!!! cuz no one wants to be like you.
Chode: yabang!!!
JohnnyBravo: sorry its hard for me not to lie. =)

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