East could never be West

Sunday, March 7, 2010

East could never be West, well unless you do it in papers.

If you are a PUA, AFC, Natural or Lurkers - I really don't care, but I know you care about how you can attract women; even the nerdiest guy, the geekiest the most loner anti social guy, if you say to him do this and you will get the girl you want, it will spark an interest in their mind. Not all will not take it seriously but I'm sure it will create a fuzz in their head.

For people who took it seriously, they gather information about it, how its done, whats the principle, questions regarding opposite sex started to have answers; they tested what they have learned, they have approached close to 1000 HB's but still no luck. They approach again and again, but still no luck. Whats problem??? I did what they say, why am I not getting laid??? you probably ask.

Currently I believe there are 3 factors why it didn't work for you:
1st. What your doing, is not who you are. There are lots of methods out there for aspiring PUA, the one you choose is not congruent with you.
2nd. Check your Attitude, Mindset and Vibe.
3rd. Culture - now this a new one to you huh???

Most PUA methods out there are all based from picking up Western HB's. I don't now if you haven't notice this, but we have a conservative culture, there are lots of shields to break before a Filipina will welcome you to her world or viceversa, especially if your doing a Day Game. LOTS AND LOTS OF SHIELDS, and THICK SHIELDS. How many??? I don't know but here's one I know, even if the HB is attracted to you, she still has Shields.

I'm currently testing out new methods and principles that are suited for Filipina, the one that will make majority of my Cold Approach to be fruitfull. You should too, I believe only a little tweak to the Western Method and it will be an Eastern Method.

Chode: Good Article, tingin ko nga iba talaga ang Pinay.
JohnnyBravo: Yup, tama ka. Hinde talaga likas na Social ang mga Pilipino sa hinde nila kakilala. Nasa isip kasi kaagad na pag kinausap ka, ibig sabihin may kailangan sayo.
Chode: Agree talaga ako sa sinabi mo.
JohnnyBravo: parang ikaw, bakit mo ko kinaka-usap, kasi may kailangan ka noh???
Chode: hey, sama mo naman... hinde purki nandito ako sa inyo, nagugutom at sakto may Adobo kayo, eh may kailangan na ko.
JohnnyBravo: Tol alam ko na kung bakit hinde ka magiging PUA.
Chode: at bakit naman???
JohnnyBravo: sa itsura mo palang, alam na nang chicks kung anung habol mo.

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