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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Okay, its been a while since my last post, this post should be done 2 weeks ago but because of time constraints, well today is the posting day.

Have you ever told a joke that you heard and its so funny you have to tell it to others??? but after you have told the joke, the only reaction you get is WTF!!!

Well the reason you got that reaction is because you didn't deliver it very well; wrong timing, wrong attitude and wrong vibing. So if this kind of PHENOMENON happens in real live interaction, imagine if your delivering your lines on a text or over the phone.

I've learn it the hard way so please don't relearn it again. We PUA has this lines that could be down right funny or down right insulting, so we gotta be carefull. Some lines work on other HB and some don't, you gotta be sensitive, test the water first to see if your on the same wavelenght.

A neg will work, but a neg said over the text or phone is something you should think about before doing. Like I've said earlier, we have lines, that works because not only what we say, but how we say it by our body language, voice tonality and facial expressions. There are things better said live than on text or chat.

The key I guess, well based from my experience is getting the right vibe that you project, if your interacting live. If over other communication device, follow a suitable gameplan, thats why we have text games, phone games and online based games that we can follow and used. The generall rule is, make sure what you've said will not be misunderstood or else - game over.

Chode: kaya pala nung inulit ko yung lines mo sa HB eh, hinde na nag text sa akin.
JohnnyBravo: bakit anu ba yung tinext mo?
Chode: kasi narinig kita, sabi mo sa HB "your bad... we can't be together, kasi bad din ako." tapos nung sinabi mo yun lalong dumikit yung HB sayo.
JohnnyBravo: yes thats a desqualify and a hoop, it removes the bitch shield, in that way everything you say and do to her, she accepts.
Chode: ahhhh... yun pala effect nun, bakit nung tinext ko sya nun hinde na sya nag reply???
JohnnyBravo: anu ba sinabi nya bago mo sya tinext???
Chode: text nya sa akin "musta?"
JohnnyBravo: mag boothcamp ka nga.

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