I'm Back Again - with something bonus

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Even thou i only have 2 followers hehehe, i still believe i should post regularly. Actually, I've been busy this last 2 months, making some extra cash, anyway this blog is not about that, its about PUA.

And to celebrate that i'm back, I will share to you, one of my secret weapon in dealing with bitch shields... yes, the Fort Knox of women. Break this and everything you said will go directly to her heart.

Okay, this information is not new, but I've seen alot, and I mean alot of PUA who does it, and sadly their not doing it correctly; what happen? they ended up being a weird guy because of what they are saying.

The power of cold reading... its one of the chick crack(meaning women loves this sh#t).
So how do you do it properly???
1. Memorized 1 or 2 cold reading lines.
ex. you appear to be cold in the outside but actually your a fun person to be with.

2. Ground it on something - now this is the steps where most PUA is forgetting( In the past, this is the step I always forget) You have to give a reason why you've said your cold reading lines.
ex. (Grounding) The way you move your eye
(Cold Reading) It shows that you may appear that your cold in the outside, but actually your a fun person to be with.

3. Follow up with a more serious or personal cold reads, but remember to ground it on something.
Ex. PUA: Let me see your palm.
HB: (shows palm)
PUA: (look at it for about 5 to 8 secs) During your teenage years, something happen that turn your life around.
HB: Yes its true... what do else do you see?

4. Dont be a dancing monkey - if she asked to read her again, say NO!!!, it enought that you already break her shield... but if you sense the shield is still up, do 1 or 2 cold reads.

Chode: Para kang traffic sa Edsa, because I can't move on.

JohnnyBravo: mag-sasara ang X-Arts dahil sayo.

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aXYs said...

3 na followers mo ngayon hahaha

Nemesis said...

Make that 4. lolz

Mak said...

Hi there. Can we go on field sometimes? Here's my email: rewilmacorol@gmail.com. Hit me and I will respond with my cell # okay? Lone wolf kasi ako since day one and I've been thinking if some of the wolves can join me. Thanks dude